WIX Review

Wix is ​​a super popular website builder. Nowadays there is a huge demand for creation of different types of business cards, characterized by design and functional complexity, it can be used for portfolio, a business site, a landing or promotional page. With the help of it can be done successful blogs because it’s easy to create them and they are convenient to be kept. For more convenient use there is developed eCommerce component, especially for those who know how to use its components such as Wix Corvid, properly.

There are 3 main factors that characterize the sphere of use of Wix

Small websites with limited number of pages. It’s convenient for such cases because the design of each page has to be done manually. It should be pointed out that the work on the site is not complicated by blogs, forums, storefronts and other types of pages. An influence appears only in case of static pages such as contacts, histories, terms of cooperation, production, and other things.

There is a need of deep and fine design tuning, as well as a use of a big number of small functional elements.

In Wix application store there are a lot of additional functions (by analogy with other systems – modules). Nowadays there is a wide range of useful applications with the help of which can be achieved almost any reasonable goal. In common there are near 250 items.

This website builder is perfect solution for creation of small and medium-sized sites which are characterized by complex design and functionality. In case of need this constructor can be simple, and superficial. All you need is to take a ready-made template, replaced demo content and corrected colors. That’s it, website is ready. Also it can be used for complex pages where there is need to use a lot of the details. Website builder opens wide range of animations, special effects and unusual forms which will help to collect and pack information in databases. Additionally, there are provided such elements as interactive elements, all sorts of polls, tabs, pop-up windows, columns and so on.

Wix.com Review

In case if there is a need to create the first site or training ground this website is a great solution. Also it can be used as a commercial tool. It’s adapted for creation of beautiful and complex client sites. It’s great choice the first website builder and a good tool for experienced designer. The system allows you to increase design capabilities in easy and understandable way. Every average PC user can understand how to use this website builder.

Who will be interested in Wix

This website builder is a great solution for small and medium business entrepreneurs; artists, designers, musicians, stylists’ makeup artists, writers, journalists, fashion designers and bloggers. The representatives of all the creative professions can use it for self-realization and creative.

The service is created with an emphasis on both technical and design point of view. These modern website builder has extensive additional features. Both the beginners and experienced users can use it in order to create website because its intuitively understandable and easy in use.

Wix’s Pricing Options

Wix offers 4 paid tariffs, but only 3 premium plans can be seriously considered: Connect Domain is not much different from the free mode of work with the designer.

On all four tariffs, the system offers:

Free hosting.

Connect domain.

From 500 MB to 20 GB of disk space for data storage.

Connecting Google Analytics.

Premium support.

Wix ads are removed only on three paid rates: Combo, Unlimited and eCommerce. On the Connect Domain, the designer’s signature will remain.

Combo tariff plan will be enough in case id there is need to create a business card site or blog because it provides a lot of the possibilities. The Unlimited tariff is perfect for a corporate website or a high-traffic information portal. eCommerce plan is suitable for those who want to create an online store. Connect Domain provides one main function – the connection of the second-level domain to the site. There is no big reason to pay 123 rubles for this: it is better to immediately add a Combo fare and calmly collect a small website.

In principle, on Wix you can create a website for free, and even post it on the network. But then you have to endure a number of restrictions:

Domain of the third level with an indication of the constructor on which the site is made.

Advertising service on the pages.

Low performance and low available disk space.

Even without paying a premium rate, the Wix site will be available for management, but a serious project with this approach will not work.

$ 0 Free

Website can be created for free with Wix ads.

$ 5 Connect Domain

Your own domain can be connected with your Wix site. Wix ads would still be shown on your website.

$ 13 combo

Perfect solution for smaller professional websites. No additional ads and a lot of storage.

$ 17 Unlimited

For those who need a lot of web space (up to 10 GB included).

$ 23 Business & eCommerce

Wings Bookings or Wix Hotels. Here are available higher plans (VIP & Unlimited).

Pros and Cons of Wix


Wix is ​​all praised for its visual appeal, which makes working with the designer enjoyable. But this is not all the advantages of the service. You can also note:

Adaptability of patterns.

Convenient interface visual editor, which can quickly figure out even a beginner.

App store with two hundred widgets.

A huge knowledge base that helps to deal with the interface of the designer.

The ability to add HTML code to the page.

A single online store control panel through which you can track orders, receive payments and manage delivery.

Full site statistics – the number of page views, traffic sources, position in search results, etc.

If you go back to the external component of the constructor, you can once again note that there are really a lot of templates on Wix. They are competently divided into categories and types of sites, plus supported by keyword search and filters “New”, “Popular”, “Empty”.

Before choosing a layout, you can see how it will look on the monitor and on the screen of a mobile device. If none of the design options fit, you can filter the offers using the “Empty” section and create your own template from scratch. On Wix, you can create one-page sites. Ready-made templates for landing pages are located in the same section.


The main complaint about Wix is ​​the high prices and the incomprehensible division of premium plans. Connect Domain, after which the designer’s advertisement is saved on the website, is hardly needed by anyone; eCommerce to create an online store does not offer anything supernatural, and the price has such as if he will assemble the site in a day.

The problem for beginner webmasters can be an overloaded interface. It’s easy to explain the functionality of the designer, but the development of the service will take more than one day: it will be necessary not only to figure out what is where, but also learn how to properly use the tools. On Wix, you can spoil the template, because the user has a lot of possibilities for editing.

The “Support” section remains uninformative. A description of how the basic actions are performed in the editor can be found, but without screenshots it is difficult to understand where to click. Perhaps this is an empty niggle, but if the service is positioned as a constructor for beginners, then it is logical to expect the clearest presentation of information.

The disadvantage sometimes turns into a wide range of applications in AppMarket. Some are made carelessly and work with errors, although in general the store deserves the highest marks.

Rating Details

Easy use

The editor is easy-understandable. With the help of FAQ section can be found answers on all the additional questions. The instructions on the different functions re given in a short introductory videos. Wifi ADI: It’s very convenient even though not so much flexible. And the best option is that whenever you like you can switch to the regular builder.

Flexibility and huge choice of design (templates)

For users here is provided pixel-perfect customizations (see examples). Mobile-friendly version that exists here, can be adapted individually. In case of need your own fonts can be downloaded to the Wix editor.


Premium plan “Combo” is add-free. Wix ads.


Nowadays by the editor is supported 16 languages. It’s generally possible to create multilingual sites. There is s detailed instruction for multilingual website creation. It’s pretty efficient system that is easy to use, but it can’t be recommend for larger sites as it’s not perfect for SEO (for each language can’t be used unique URLs).


Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)       

Many users worry about he aspect of domain name. There is free domain name for one year in the premium “Combo” and higher. With the help of Wix are supported variable domains. In the end of their name should be.com,.net, .co.uk, .org, and .info. Start prices are from $14.95 per year. Domain that already exists can be moved to Wix with the help of “Connect Domain”. SSL encryption (https) is always included.

Depth of navigation  

There are two levels maximum possible. As for the third level, it would be desirable as right now. With the help of it it’s not very convenient to operate larger site with Wix (30+ pages). The editor tends to load slower in case if there are more pages.

Widgets (additional extra functionality with the help of small tools)   

Wix App Market provides a wide range of unique widgets and apps. One of the most popular is Wix Music with the kelp of which can be sold and promoted music. With the kelp of Wix Bookings the customers have a possibility to book and pay for appointments and consultations. There is a possibility of easily integration of external applications.


Via App store can be integrated Google AdSense. Banner ads and affiliate links can be used as another possibility.


In “eCommerce” package is included online store. In the other plans there is also an access to this function. The price is $23. There is a possibility to sell both physical and digital goods while tracking what you have in stock. In detailed Wix Ecommerce review is provided more information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   

There is an opinion that Wix’s SEO capabilities are considered to be not so good. A few years ago (more about this here) it was really so. But nowadays situation has already changed and now all the users can make edition individually. There are 301 redirects which is an advanced SEO tool. Unfortunately, image file names were changed by Wix into something cryptic. For the beginners there is a guided tutorial SEO Wiz. In order to get more information, it’s recommended to read Wix’s SEO post.


Wix’s blog is SEO-friendly and pretty good add-on. It includes a lot of the features that can be needed. With the help of Facebook or Disqus the visitors can leave their comments. The blog posts can be scheduled. you Articles can be edited and published on the go with the Wix mobile app.

Visitor statistics

For statistics access there is a need to integrate Google Analytics in advance.

Contact form   

Contact form builder is very simple. In the App Market all the volunteers can find more sophisticated tools.

Password protection  

There is a possibility of individual password for all the pages. It’s possible to create small membership website where users can receive personal login credentials. Nowadays there is no function for integrity with ecommerce. The user has a possibility to choose instant or manual improvement. In all plans are included both features.

Newsletter tool

Wix’s own “ShoutOut” can be used as newsletter service. It’s easy in use but not in comparison to specialized external providers is not so powerful. In Wix ShoutOut review are given more details.

Add HTML code   

HTML iframe is an integrated app by mean of which can be embed various widgets and other tools. Additionally, there is Wix Code (Corvid). People with advanced coding skills would definitely be satisfied with its use. It helps to set up custom API interactions with the help of JavaScript. In case of need there can be created databases with the help of it.

Space for storage

500 MB – 20 GB web space for every plan individually. It should be noted down that in most plans there is also a monthly bandwidth. It’s suitable for large websites. For example, if to look at 2 GB bandwidth of the Combo plan, it should be enough for about 3,000-5,000 visitors per month. The unlimited bandwidth is provided by both Unlimited and VIP plans.

Backups & Restore        


The control system of Wix, called Site History, is very convenient. With one click you can move to any previous version of your site.


There is FAQ, Email and Telephone. It doesn’t support Chat.

For users is available support center, forum and phone. All the documentation is provided in very detailed and clearly way. You can submit your question to the forum in case if you for stucked. The users can het fast answers, bit sometimes there is short delay.

Fun Factor 

Its guaranteed that impressive results would be achieved quickly after start, starting up is very playful. The design process provides a lot of freedom.

Overall Rating  


Wix.com is a smart website builder that is characterized by optical delights. It’s easy in use and its flexibility is maximum from what you can get. It’s perfect solution for bands, photographers, artists and those who need a portfolio site.


First time when Wix appeared it was a product with rather limited functionality. So it could seem that it’s not the best decision for those who are looking for really high quality and universal solution with the help of which it’s possible to solve a wide range of tasks. From start it was Flash-based and always a bit different products to which people were used before. However, the creators never stop working and making improvements which led to the great results. No big surprise that nowadays it has reached the top position.

Wix and SEO: can they have food relation or even be partners?

John Mueller Google’s stated in public that Wix’s SEO capabilities are fine and can be used for their search engine. All those who plan to have some competitive keyword, for sure would be happy with such solution. It should be remembered that there is more dependence of SEO from your ability to create outstanding content. As for website builder, it’s just an instrument that should be used to solve the task. Of course you should select such instrument which would help to get the expected results.

Wix’s App Market and the variety of widgets

Their app store is an area where they’ve done everything right. In most cases other website builders rely on third-party apps. If the company stops supporting them they can easily brake. Wix’s has a bit different strategy/ With the help of it was created more than 80 high-quality apps. These applications were created with different purposes in order to solve a wide range of different tasks and to get results that would satisfy even the most demandable user.

Wix is ​​updated, new tools are added, the assortment in AppMarket is expanded, so this designer can be considered universal for a long time and deservedly. The only thing that confuses is a strange tariff scale. One premium plan is not needed at all, between Combo and Unlimited, the difference is 50% of the cost, although only disk space is added, and performance that cannot be measured in any way becomes indefinitely unlimited. Confused and the price you have to pay per month for an online store.

Nevertheless, Wix is ​​one of the best website builders. The users here can find attractive templates and a huge place for creativity. With the help of it it’s possible to change the layout beyond recognition. As for the choice of applications, it’s rather rich and thanks to it you can build at least a functional blog, even a small forum – all of this all hints that Wix should be tried in a free mode, and then switched to premium – tariff, if the conditions are suitable.

With this range of editing tools and applications, as well as using the Wix Code feature on the designer, you can make a unique website with an individual design. It will take a lot of time, but the result will be worth all the forces invested.

Is it a website builder for you?

What sites can be created:

Non-commercial sites

Business cards

Landing Page

Small online shopping

Temporary sites (for example, for some one-time events)

The designer is suitable for anyone who needs a business card site on any subject, portfolio, landing or promotion page, blog or store for selling digital goods, some craft items, brand clothes, wrist watches and other things like that. We recommend to pay attention to the owners of the rental business, restaurants, cafes, concert venues (ticket booking) and all those whose activities are related to receiving clients on a schedule (hairdressers, makeup artists, dentists, coaching, yoga, dance, tutoring).

The service is great for the role of the first site builder. Even if you have not yet decided to create a site, we recommend that you occasionally get acquainted with Wix in the first place. He will meet the expectations.

Not Recommended If

What sites should not be created:


Online stores

Large projects

Wix alternatives

Wix is ​​difficult to find an alternative in its class, but still possible (see uKit). uKit on business cards and landings can easily compete with it at the expense of quality, utmost simplicity and convenience. Here is the question of purse and taste.

Weebly is a great way to get around Wix’s. This is a great place to start. There are some more advanced features compared to Wix which are very important for experienced users.

Jimdo is almost the same as Weebly. All the users of this website builder can use an online store and blog. For iOS and Android there are available mobile apps. Its rather easy to start using and testing it.

You have doubts about what website builder you should use? Nowadays there is a smart finder which will help to make a decision in 2 minutes.